How to lose weight easily when you’re over 40

women lose weight easilyI know weight loss is what mostly concerns more the women than the men and that’s why maybe so many ladies out there end up trying all these fat burning diets, or different programs which let’s be serious they don’t work most of the times.

And this is because they’re not designed for the woman’s body, the woman’s metabolism which because of the female genetics is completely different and very sensitive to hormone activity.

The program me and most of my female friends have used is called the Venus Factor diet, and it’s entirely designed for the female body. It works by overriding the female metabolism and controls the leptin hormone which is responsible for stuff like hunger and fat gains.

You might say, yeah this is just another “magic solution” but the truth is so many women have had great results from this weight loss system that it’s almost a guarantee you’ll end up losing weight after you’ve tried it. And plus there are all these reviews of the Venus Factor system that you can’t go wrong.

I’m not the only one that’s preaching so hard about this program, Julia Scott from has also talked about this online.

You can reach her on her GetVenused Facebook page and she’ll tell you mroe about this solution.

If you want more details, I’ve added some videos below, but essentially the program consists of a 12-week diet plan and exercise routines along with an online community and much much more. Ohh and here’s some more Venus Factor reviews…

Now for the videos: