How to potty train a boy in 3 days

When it comes to potty training boys and especially if you want to do it in 3 days a good question to ask is when to start potty training. There are several, almost a dozen signals your child gives to you which tell you if he is ready to begin toilet training.

One of the first things you need to look for is if your toddler seems somewhat interested in the toilet or the potty chair if you have one. If he follows you to the toilet and watches you which I know may seem kind of awkward but that’s a sign that he might be ready to start the training. There are other signs too which you can see in the video below:

One thing which I remember I was told by my sister in law, she showed me how the 3-day potty training method works, is to have everything prepared in advance. She said that if I want to make it easy for myself I should schedule the 3 days in advance and have every supply and product already bought and close by.

I took Darrel, my son potty chair shopping and I let him choose which one he liked the most. I wanted a potty chair but he liked the potty seat more and we went with that. Now that I think about it I’m glad we did that. I would not have enjoyed having to clean the potty chair so many times.

Now to the actual training. On the first day of toilet training according to the 3-day method, it’s all about setting the tone. Have the potty seat ready in the bathroom. You should also have some cleaning supplies nearby just in case accidents happen. Don’t worry if any accidents happen and you have to clean pee from the floor because they’re part of your child’s learning process.

It’s important that right from the start you reward your son’s progress, no matter how small. Even if he doesn’t pee or poo on the potty, and he just sits on it, that’s something you should praise and reward.

When it comes to rewards, you can use candy, sticker charts, maybe a toy or a song that your son likes a lot. For us, sticker charts worked really well. Every time he did something right we put a sticker on his pajamas and they would look like a general’s decorations. He really liked that and we would have a sticker for peeing, one for pooping and so on.

Don’t worry if your child won’t do anything on the first day. Some children get the hang of it sooner, others take their time, but eventually, they’ll get there. When we potty trained our son we did it in 3 days but we still had accidents after that. What you need to remember is that these 3 days are just a transition from diapers to potty, you still have a lot of work further ahead. I’m gonna stop here because there’s actually so much to talk about when it comes to potty training children that one post isn’t going to be enough. I’ll be doing a follow-up series on this topic. You can signup for my newsletter if you want to get notified when I’ll publish part 2.